CULTURAL WEEK: Cooking in English

Jane Austen's Bicentury Anniversary

 Here are some games children played in the 18th century

Toys and Games of that period

Children in Victorian England

 For teachers activities

Here is a short photo report of today's activity : "Cooking in English", where our special cooks made Chocolate Chip Cookies and  Microwave Brownies. As the Brownies were so successful,  here is the recipe , just in case you want to try it at home.
Bon appetite!!!

Microwave Brownies in 5 minutes!!!



Funny Carnival dance:


The Police also dance in Carnivals:

Notting Hill Carnival: 
In Great Britain, people celebrate Carnivals, too.
They are called "Notting Hill Carnivals". 
Find out:
When and where are they celebrated?

What are they like?

Click here to find out.

 And Mardi Grass Carnival: 

Where is celebrated?  Find out here.
What is "Fat Tuesday". Find out here.
What is it like? Find out here.